One of my favourite books of all time certainly was 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.' I recall a time when I was too young to read the book myself, so I used to listen to a vinyl record with a captivating version of the story several times a day. I had it probably more often than meals. Many years later, it inspired me to create my own project, reviving the oneiric, surreal mood I used to experience when listening to Carol's story.

I decided to explore this peculiar world a bit more by adding a few other characters that could roam in Alice's Wonderland. All of them have exaggerated features, such as large heads, huge eyes, and slim, cartoonish-like limbs. The characters and the entire world look surreal but in a way that will bring a smile to your face, I hope.
Special thanks to:
Fashion Stylists: Laura Moss, Paulina Stolarz, Sonja von Turon
Outfit Designer: Jola Zglobicka
Hair and Makeup Artists: Angie Anand, Wiktoria Deero, Jacqueline Lindsay, Liz Marsden, Billie McKenzie, Sukhi Kaur, Teryne Philip, Bianca Prieto, Rebecca Wheller, Ariane Young
Models: Sereta Baldwin, Vera Craiceva, Heather Dover, Magdaléna Fiedlerová, Bernadett von Grega, Jacqueline, Jess, Kamil Lemieszewski, Siri Meland, Magdalena Mowinska, Nina Nunukova, Kaily O’Brien, Rhiannon Owen, Victoria Peters, Zuzana Spacirova, Ramona Tapi, Casey Taylor Williams, Sophie Winter-King
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